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1. in/on
    There is a bird in the tree. 树上有只鸟。
    There is a picture on the wall. 墙上有张图。
2. this/that/these/those
    You look in this box and I’ll look in that one over there.你看看这个盒子,我去看那边的那个盒子。
    I want this car, not that car. 我想要这辆小汽车,不是那一辆。
    Take these books to his room, please. 请把这些书拿到他房间去。
    This is mine; that’s yours. 这个是我的,那个是你的。
    These are apples; those are oranges. 这些是苹果,那些是橘子。
    This is Mary speaking. Who’s that? 我是玛丽。你是谁?
3. There be/ have
There be "有",其确切含意为"某处或某时存在某人或某物。"其结构是:There be + 某人或某物 + 表示地点或时间的状语。There be 后面的名词实际上是主语,be 动词的形式要和主语在数上保持一致,be动词后面的名词是单数或不可数名词时用is,名词是复数时用are。例如:
(1) There is a big bottle of coke on the table. 桌上有一大瓶子可乐。
(2) There is a doll in the box. 那个盒子里有个娃娃。
(3) There are many apples on the tree. 那树上有许多苹果。
总之,There be结构强调的是一种客观存在的"有"。have表示"拥有,占有,具有",即:某人有某物(sb. have / has sth.)。主语一般是名词或代词,与主语是所属关系。例如:
(4) I have two brothers and one sister.我有两个兄弟,一个姐姐。
(5) That house has four rooms.那所房子有四个房间。
4. look/ see/ watch
(1)look 表示“看、瞧”,着重指认真看,强调看的动作,表示有意识地注意看,但不一定看到,以提醒对方注意。,如:
Look! The children are playing computer games. 瞧!孩子们在玩电脑游戏。
Look! What’s that over there? 看!那边那个是什么?
He’s looking at me。他正在看着我。
What can you see in the picture? 你能在图上看到什么?
Look at the blackboard. What did you see on it?看黑板!你看到了什么?
Yesterday we watched a football match on TV.昨天我们从电视上看了一场足球比赛。
4. put on/ / in
put on意为“穿上,戴上”。主要指“穿上”这一动作, 后面接表示服装、鞋帽的名词。
in 是介词,表示“穿着”强调状态。在句中可以做定语、标语和状语。如:
It’s cold outside, put on your coat. 外面冷,穿上你的外衣。
He puts on his hat and goes out.  他戴上帽子,走了出去。
The woman in a white blouse is John’s mother.穿白色衬衣的那个妇女是John的妈妈。
5. house/ home/family
house :“房子”,指居住的建筑物; Home: “家”,指一个人同家人共同经常居住的地方; Family:  “家庭“,“家庭成员”。例如:
Please come to my house this afternoon. 今天下午请到我家来。
He is not at home. 他不在家。
My family all get up early. 我们全家都起得很早。
6. fine, nice, good, well
    (1) fine指物时表示的是质量上的"精细",形容人时表示的是"身体健康",也
Your parents are very fine. 你父母身体很健康。
That's a fine machine. 那是一台很好的机器。
It's a fine day for a walk today. 今天是散步的好时候。
Lucy looks nice. 露西看上去很漂亮。
These coats are very nice. 那些裙子很好看。
Nice to meet you. 见到你很高兴。
It's very nice of you. 你真好。
Her son is a good student. 她儿子是一个好学生。
The red car is very good. 那辆红色小汽车很好。
I'm very well, thanks. 我身体很好,谢谢。
My friends sing well. 我的朋友们歌唱得好。
1. ---What colour is the bike?
---It’s _______ orange.
A. an  B. a  C. /  D. the
2. That isn’t her bag. It’s ________.
  A. my  B. I  C. mine  D. me
3. ---Oh, your kite is very nice.
  A. That’s right  B. No, it’s not nice  C. Yes, it is  D. Thank you
4. The woman is sixty, but she _______ young.
  A. is  B. sees  C. looks  D. watches
5. It’s time ________ lunch. Let’s go home.
  A. to  B. in  C. for  D. on
6. ---________ is your coat?
  ---The black one.
  A. What  B. Where  C. Which  D. How
7. ---________ is the toy?
  ---It’s on the bed.
  A. Who  B. Where  C. What  D. Whose
8. The shoes are too old. Put ________ over there.
  A. it  B. they  C. their  D. them
9. Excuse me. Can you _______ my watch, please?
  A. look  B. look like  C. look after  D. look at
10. Look _______ the blackboard and listen _______ the teacher.
  A. / /   B. at; to  C. after; /  D. on; after
11. ---Whose dress is this?
   ---It’s _________.
  A. Lucy  B. Lucy’s  C. Jim  D. Jim’s
12. The girl ______ the purple coat is his sister.
  A. at  B. in  C. on  D. with
13. There is a bird ______ the tree.
  A. in  B. on  C. to  D. of
14. There are many ________ in our school.
  A. woman teachers      B. woman teacher
  C. women teacher       D. women teachers
15. ---Is there a ball under the desk?
  A. Yes, it is                   B. Yes, there’s
  C. No, there isn’t               D. No, there is
16. There _______ some books and a pencil on the desk.
  A. am  B. is  C. are  D. be
17. ---Let me help you.
  A. You’re welcome     B. Thanks very much
  C. Don’t worry        D. Yes, thanks
18. ______ old man is ______ English teacher.
  A. The; an  B. An; an  C. The; the  D. A; a
19. ---What _____ five plus six?
   ---It’s eleven.
  A. am  B. is  C. are  D. /
20. ---What ______ you see in the picture?
   ---I can see some flowers.
  A. must  B. can  C. are  D. do
二. 完形填空
    This is a picture of Kat’s ____1____. What can we ____2_____ in the picture? Look ____3____ it, please. The man ____4____ the black coat is Kate’s father, Mr. Green. The ____5____ in the red sweater is Mrs. Green. They ____6____ young. The baby is Kate. The little boy is Kate’s ____7_____, Jim. ___8____ the man behind Mrs. Green? Oh, he’s ____9___ brother, Mr. Read. He ____10____ young, too.
1. A. families  B. family  C. parents  D. brothers
2. A. look     B. do     C. see      D.put
3. A. at       B. after    C. for      D. up
4. A. on      B. of      C. in       D. to
5. A. man     B. girl    C. women   D. woman
6. A. are      B. is      C. look like  D. looking
7. A. sister    B. brother  C. father    D. aunt
8. A. What’s   B. Where’s C. Who’s    D. How is
9. A. his      B. her     C. our      D. their
10. A. looks   B. am      C. look    D. very